Nowadays, the competitive exigency of all type of sports is extremely elevated making necessary an excellent physical and mental preparation to yield for an optimum level throughout the season more and more long and complicated.

Moline Travel provides professional teams with a wide and extensive experience in the field of sports, in order to offer athletes the perfect training conditions, with a range of different locations, depending on the demands of each sport.

Moliné Travel organizes tailor-made training programs, with stays in hotels of different categories and characteristics that fit the budgets of different teams and sports. We take care of transport, stay, catering, facilities, etc …

In addition, we can combine your sports preparation with any leisure activity and, in general, all the logistics your team needs so you only have to worry about what is truly important: TRAIN!

Below we will inform you of some of the best towns and hotels within Catalonia, Mallorca, and Comunidad Valenciana that meet the optimal conditions for the development of this sport stage.