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The organization of these trips has been carried by A.M.B. TRAVEL S.L. with CIF B-66160219 with address in C /. Entença, 256, B-2  – 08029 BARCELONA. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in Volume 44035, folio sheet B445228. Information telephone number: + 34 93 164 95 94. UPDATES: Variations and / or misprints detected after the publication of this catalog will be published on the Moliné Travel website. These will be updated periodically. PRICES: These prices have been calculated in Euros, transport rates, fuel cost and taxes and rates applicable on the date of publication of the program / catalog. Any variation of the price of the mentioned elements may result in the revision of the final price of the trip.


On the website of Moliné Travel,  you can go directly to all the information,  cliking on the circle of DWC Finals Braga 2019.

There you will find different options:

  • General information about Portugal, Porto and Braga
  • Hotels,  with prices
  • Tours & excursions
  • Transport
  • Maps,  with Hotels situation.
  • Terms and conditions
  • Budget
  • Book


At the time of requesting the reservation, Moliné Travel will send a sheet with a confirmation number where indicated, the hotel booked, the dates of the reservation, number of people and the total price of the reservation with dates and amounts to be paid.

Before January 15, 2019, 20% of the total amount of the trip must be paid.

The remaining amount of 80% must be paid before May 15.


Please send an e-mail to the email address, indicating the number of people, dates of arrival and departure, type of rooms and in general all the needs they have for the group (transportation, excursions, meals, etc.).


It will be informed by e-mail, accordingly with your request.


Personal and family documents of all passengers (including children) must be in order and the client must verify that the passport, and / or visa or DNI are those required by the regulations of the country to be visited. Consult the corresponding embassies and consulates. They will be on their own to obtain a passport or any other required requirement. Citizens of other nationalities should consult the consular representations or competent organisms for entry requirements in each country.

Children under 18 must have written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that it can be requested by any authority. Children and babies must carry ID or passport, in addition to other documents if necessary.


In case of loss of documentation of the trip by the client (hotel vouchers, air tickets, etc)  that causes loss of services, Moliné Travel will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by a new booking and issuance, nor for the return of the lost ones.


As far as land transport is concerned, it will be understood that the user’s luggage and other personal belongings are kept with them, regardless of the part of the vehicle in which they are placed, and that they are transported at the user’s risk. Users are advised to be present in all baggage loading and unloading operations.


  • If the cancellation occurs between January 16 and May 14, will be a penalty of 20% of the total reservation.
  • If the cancellation occurs between May 15 and June 15, the penalty will be 50% of the total reservation.
  • If the cancellation occurs between May 16 and June 27, the penalty will be 100% of the total amount of the reservation.


Some hotels have an internal policy to request at the time of check in the number of your credit card as a guarantee of solvency and to pay for possible extra services such as telephone consumption, minibar, etc. On the day of departure, if you do not have extra expenses, ask them to return the blank signed form with the details of your credit card. In case customers notice that the hotel has blocked a monetary amount, it is advisable to go to your bank to request an update of the movements of your card, since hotels proceed to unblock it at the time of departure. However, it may be the case that it takes a few days until it is reflected in the extracts or movements of the customer’s card. The Organizing Agency is not responsible for the charges made by companies outside the Organizer.


In most establishments, the room will be at your disposal from 2:00 pm on the day of arrival until 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If your plane returns in the afternoon, the hotel will be able to keep your belongings (check at your Hotel), and you can stay in the hotel until the pick-up time.


In the case of leaving the Hotel before the date contracted due to force majeure, Moliné Travel does not undertake to make any refund.


The organizing agency is not responsible for the forgetting on the part of the clients, of personal objects. To request information on whether they are located at the destination and then send them to their place of origin. In your case, the shipment to the place of origin, will be done postage due (on behalf of the passenger).


“DWC Limited” and “Moliné Travel”, have a three-year agreement to be the official and recommended travel agency for the event, to negotiate travel services in favor of the people or entities that request their services.

“DWC Limited” has no legal connection with “A.M.B. Travel S.L. – Moliné Travel”. For that reason, “DWC Limited” has no responsibility for reservations made to “Moliné Travel”. All queries or claims must be sent to “Moliné Travel” to be processed, since they have the insurance corresponding to their activity.

Barcelona,  October 1st, 2018